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A NOTE FROM BARB HAYS CLAYTON, concerning the Heideman/Altevogt connection. Anna Heideman married Ernest Heinrich Ludewig (Louis) Altevogt. Informatio follows on her Heideman lineage.

Dear Terry,
Here is a copy of the letter I found in Franz "John" Adolph Heideman's Civil War pension file: He served with Company E, 5th Missouri Volunteers, enlisting in 1861. He arrived in the US, St. Louis, Missouri in 1859. All of this Altevogt/Heideman data is registered with all proof records, with the Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War, in Springfield, Il.
Franz Adolph Heideman living in Uerentrup, born on 24 Sept 1817 at Nierderdornberg of the parents, Eberhard Heinrich Heideman and Katharine Ilsebein born Wehmhoner, was married the 20th September 1857 to Anna Margarette Ilsabein Heideman living in Babenhausen, daughter of Johann Herman Heideman and Johanne Wilhelmine born Strohsieck in Oldendorph No. 6, born 10 October 1826. Franz and Anna are found to be good standing members of the church community officially notarized/witnessed at Dornberg bey Bielefeld in Westfallen, 9 Feb 1892.
Reverand Vershake

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